Four Stories To Read This Week

From Inside Lions and Leviathans, Anatomist Builds a Following (New York Times): In this profile by Carl Zimmer, we learn why you may not want to sit next to Joy Reidenberg on a plane after she’s been working. Plus, how to dissect a whale.

Bright-Sized: Skull Study Shows Eye-Sockets Have Grown Larger at Higher Latitudes (Scientific American): An analysis of the eye sockets in human skulls finds that people in northern latitudes, where there is less sunlight, may have evolved bigger eyeballs.

Cancer is just as deadly as it was 50 years ago. Here’s why that’s about to change ( A good and thorough backgrounder on the science of cancer that explains how researchers have changed their thinking about the disease and why there may never be a “cure.”

The Frog of War (Mother Jones): Biologist Tyrone Hayes discovered that atrazine, a top-selling herbicide, messes with sex hormones, most famously turning male frogs into females, and then started a (sometimes-crazy) feud with the chemical’s maker Syngenta.

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