For more than a decade, I have edited stories from journalists and scientists for various publications. I am now the managing editor for Science News for Students, an online publication aimed at children ages nine through 14. Some highlights of stories I have edited:

Where will lightning strike?, by Stephen Ornes (winner of the the Gold Award for Children’s Science News in the 2015 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards)
Dust creates deserts in the sky, by Douglas Fox
Wildlife forensics turns to eDNA, by Kathiann Kowalski
As big animals poop out, by David C. Holzman
Hellbenders need help!, by Kathiann Kowalski

In the past, I served as a regular freelance editor for National Geographic Newsspecializing in science. A sample of the stories I edited:

Scientists Uncover Strange Secret Life of a Jungle Butterfly, by Nadia Drake
In Focus: Explosion in Planet Discoveries Intensifies Search for Life Beyond Earth
, by Nadia Drake
Ancient Europe Colonized by Island Hoppers?, by Andrew Curry
New Golden Age for Pterosaurs, Flying Reptiles of the Dinosaur Era
, by Brian Switek
Saturn Moon Harbors Ocean, Raising Possibility of Life, by Marc Kaufman
Ancient Virus DNA Gives Stem Cells the Power to Transform
, by Charles Q. Choi brought me on several times as a freelance editor. In 2013, for instance, I put together a special package of stories on the theme of energy, conceiving the scope of the project, coming up with story ideas, finding writers and then editing their articles. I also handled all science content for the website for two months in 2016.

In addition, I have edited reports and other documents for scientists, research institutes and various organizations. If you would like more information about my editing skills, rates and availability, please contact me.